Top of a bin
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Hungover but its actually really nice and sexy.


Picture the scene: 

Drinks spilling, 15 games of pool, rambling conversations, deep in thought in the back of the bar, arguments, climbing scaffolding, karaoke, flirtatious conversations, snogging, asleep in the taxi, can’t find your keys, 4 pints of water, collapse on bed. What a night that was. A hilarious night! A night to remember!


The next day you awaken around 11:45 and you feel fragile. You stumble to the bathroom, your piss is a deep yellow colour and you put your head under the tap trying to soak the water into your skin. It seems to work. You stare into the bathroom mirror and start to laugh at the state you have put yourself in. You poisoned yourself and you know what?


It was worth it.


You begin to laugh more as you think last nights skirmish! What a night that was! What a ridiculous adventure you shared with close friends.


Your phone begins to ring -


 it is your good friend (insert name here)! 


What a laugh they were last night. What a time you had together, what trash you spoke!  


‘Hello!’ So glad you are to hear from them.

‘Let’s meet up!’ 

‘Town? in an hour?’ Great. You laugh more about the state of your body; clearly working in overdrive to feel normal it appears to have gone into a strange transcended state, you feel like you can see in slow motion. Your exhaustion has caused your brain to panic and now you are flying through dimensions whilst at the same time feeling calmer than ever. 


You stumble downstairs and cook an egg sandwich. You notice the sounds as the egg fries. They are so crispy and crackly, almost as if your ears are unable to process them properly and has been forced to compress them. No longer can you hear in 4K HD 1080P— its like your life has been bounced onto a VHS.

Looking at things has become just as enjoyable as edges are crunchy and surrounding objects are blurred. The most normal things are suddenly fascinating. Look at the shape of that chair. Look at the size of that tree. 


Listen to the humming of the engine you think, as you sit on the bus with your eyes shut. 


Somehow you appear to have drunk the perfect amount of alcohol last night. The queasy grotty feeling you would have expected to feel on a bumpy bus ride has been averted and replaced with a strange sensation of being steamed in your own skin —  you are sweating abnormally in the summers heat, but the raw stickiness is actually very enjoyable.


Never before have you been aware of your touch so much. You can feel everything and touch whatever you want, there’s so much to explore that you feel an excitement in your stomach and smiling is so incredibly pleasant. Noticing the different temperatures of objects is incredible and feeling your own body stumble together as one is a thrill. Every part joins together. You can finally see the whole picture, rather than just the individual pieces of the collage. It’s alien. You are an alien wearing some poor guys skin. Something must have happened when you fell asleep and now you are captivated by everything you thought was familiar. You can hear the poor guy whimpering somewhere back there but it doesn’t bother you.


You stumble through town, your brain wandering to distant worlds, the past the future. Your present. Look at this place… Each building took years to build and was designed by someone who thought they were right. Who was this person, why did they do it like that? Would you have been friends if they were your contemporary? And look at all these people walking round, crossing roads. Smoking cigarettes. Each consumed by their own agenda but moving as one public! 

Why can’t I meet any of them? Strange eh? We are all people who share this earth in the same place at the same time and yet we have nothing in common other than that. I could never begin to understand and get behind their thing and they couldn’t comprehend me. Are they even real-


Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a leaf breaking under your foot. 

The insignificant crunch is magnified as it swells through your entire body. So trebly and raw. You hear every pixel of sound and it satisfies your ears intensely. It doesn’t sound like it came organically but was instead a sample from an old computer game you used to play, or that old keyboard you used to mess around with.


Theres your friend! “hello’ love pours out of you as you discuss subjects in such depth and listening feels so pleasant as you wrap your mind around every word and tone of voice they use. God and your own voice. So pleasant. So sharp and soft at the same time. Was it the amount of cigarettes you smoked last night that caused this? How many cigarettes did you smoke last night? Or is it your brain malfunctioning? Anyway their voice is very pleasantly dragging against your brain like the sound of two rocks rubbing together. 


You go to the local art gallery, and your body is sweating profusely. You find yourself constantly sitting, staring at the paintings and you feel like time stops for a while, you’re amazed by the strokes, the colours and the age of the things. This is history! And the nudes. For some reason you feel particularly turned on by the curvy women in the images. My god. Body so raw. The sweat on your body and the gruffness of your own breath. You gather yourself and begin to laugh.


Anything can happen. All doors are unlocked. The world around you is tearing apart at the seams and the thrill of this is driving you to new places!